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Cheryl Anderson

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Cheryl began riding as a child in Vancouver, BC in the 1950’s. She competed locally, provincially, nationally and internationally in the equitation, hunter and show jumping disciplines.

After finishing high school, Cheryl attended an international riding school in Ireland culminating in 1961 when she completed her British Horsemanship Exam.

Following her training, Cheryl returned briefly to Vancouver before spending three and a half years at Leecoll Stables (now the Whitemud Riding Academy) in Edmonton. Cheryl then set out on her own in what evolved into the present Blarney Stone Farms.

Cheryl has taught hundreds of riders to compete competitively at all levels. Cheryl has a unique ability to find a horse that is suitable for a particular rider as well as a profound understanding of how a horse thinks and why it reacts to different situations.

Having recently moved into a more supervisory role, Cheryl is deeply committed to the continued prosperity and success of Blarney Stone Farms.

Brittney Toner

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I’m sort of a jack of all trades here at Blarney as I manage the facility, teach both the school horse program and the competitive show program. I also do all the training on the young horses and client horses.

I started riding at Blarney in 2001 and worked my way up through the lesson horse program and lease horses. I worked full time at the stable during the summers, and every weekend and holiday during the school year and was able to show a few ponies during those days. In 2008 I became a full time working student at Blarney and that was a tremendous opportunity for me. I started out working barns all day and riding as many different kinds of horses as I could all night. I was given the chance to ride many green and barely broke youngsters and take them from their third or fourth ride ever to their first horse show ever and be successful.

I love riding and training horses, it is my passion and I’m so lucky I get paid to do it everyday!

My other passion is teaching and coaching. There’s no better feeling then watching a student you’ve brought up go into the show ring and have a successful round. Whether it’s in the X-Pole class or the 1.20m, you recognize all the hard work they’ve put in to get where they are now and being a part of that journey is something special.

Leah Lyons

(780) 245-1188
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 My entire life I have been around horses, growing up with them and even before I could walk I was riding a horse. Today I have 5 horses on my own little ranch. And before going off to the University of Alberta to study in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental sciences, I competitively show jumped at Blarney Stone. While still in school I work passionately at Blarney Stone and have been since I was 14, 6 of those years being in the lesson program while also helping to facilitate the summer camps the last 3 years. In addition to working at Blarney Stone I have assisted a counsellor in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for the last 3 years. 

I am very excited to teach all the wonderful aspects of horses and riding to each of my students.  

Hannah Lyons

(780) 667-8118
[email protected]

My whole life I have been around horses, I grew up with them and I have been on a horse since I was a baby. I own five horses on my own little ranch. I have been riding at Blarney Stone since the age of six and have been working here since I was fourteen years old, many of these years being in the lesson program while also helping to facilitate in the summer camps the last three years. Along with working at Blarney Stone Farms, I assist a counsellor in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. I went to the University of Alberta where I learned about animals, the environment and agriculture. Up until going to University I was showing competitively with Blarney Stone in both the hunters and jumpers.

I am very excited to help teach new riders the amazing aspects of both riding and horses.

Ayla Lapierre

(780) 619-4660
[email protected]

I grew up around animals, and therefore have always had a deep love for them, especially horses. I have been around horses my entire life, even before I started riding, and ever since I did my first summer camp I was hooked. I have been riding at Blarney Stone Farms for over a decade now, and I have been riding competitively in the hunters and jumpers for seven of those years. I’ve been very lucky to lease some very wonderful horses here who taught me so much, and my biggest pride and joy is my own horse, who I have been working with consistently ever since I got him as a four year old. I have worked at Blarney Stone since I started doing barns at 15 years old, and have facilitated the summer camp program for the past three years. I am now at the University of Alberta working on my degree in Art History, which is another passion of mine. Some of my favorite areas of study are the way that humans have historically perceived and interacted with other species, including horses, and the environment.

Horses have always been a very important part of my life, and riding has always impacted my life for the better. I look forward to being able to introduce others to the many wonderful things that come with riding and working with horses!


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