Lesson Horse Program

Blarney Stone Farms operates one of the best school horse programs in Edmonton. Our program is a combination of flat work and jumping designed to develop students interested in the hunter/jumper discipline. Every level of rider, aged six and up, is welcome in the school horse program. We run from very beginner to the three foot jumper. We currently have 16 school horses and ponies, all of which are quiet and very well trained.

We do not offer western or dressage lessons at Blarney Stone Farms.

Lessons in the school horse program run four days a week. Lessons are currently offered in packages of 10 lessons, which must be used up in consecutive weeks. Students must take a minimum of 1 lesson a week and can take up to four per week if space permits. Any lessons missed must be made in the allotted time. It is highly recommended not to miss as space is very limited and make up lessons hard to schedule.

The cost of this package is

$400 plus gst.

Students must provide an ASTM certified helmet and proper footwear (boots with a 1.5" heel)

Lesson Schedule

Wednesday 4:15 - 9:15
Friday 4:15 - 8:30
Saturday 2:00 - 7:00
Sunday 9:00 - 3:00


Brittney Toner at: 587-983-6292
email: brittney-toner@hotmail.com

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